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No gay male stuff. No kids. No slutty-looking women. No cigarettes. I generally avoid pictures of women so skinny you can count their ribs.

An emphasis on women interacting with penises and on sexual activity in front of other people. Some pictures I just thought beautiful. All photos have been reblogged.

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Brilliant video set. Nine womening having orgasms while trying to read aloud.

Something about women cyclists I’d never considered before I saw a photo of a nude woman on a bicycle was the question of where their weight goes. For us guys it mainly goes on the neutral area behind the balls, and a little on the tailbone. A woman on a bicycle, on the other hand, has most of her weight pressing down on her genitals. Factor in the movement of her thighs as she pedals, the more so the faster she pedals, and I’m left wondering how many competitive women cyclists have had orgasms in front of crowds of thousands of spectators.

More naked cyclists

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