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If you are under 18, please leave.

No gay male stuff. No kids. No slutty-looking women. No cigarettes. I generally avoid pictures of women so skinny you can count their ribs.

An emphasis on women interacting with penises and on sexual activity in front of other people. Some pictures I just thought beautiful. All photos have been reblogged.

I should probably be concerned that I now have more than twice as many followers here as friends on Facebook.
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"Right, class - some ground rules. One: in my presence, you keep your hands well away from your privates; and two: you do not, under any circumstances get erections. Is that clear? You two men have three seconds to get your hands away from your cocks - one, two - thank you. Right. You may all go through to the pool.

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I haven’t tagged this as “geek”, because her feet aren’t on the pedals.

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